Setagayadaita Terrace

【Map】 Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

【Rent】 60,000JPY

【Access】4 min walk from Setagayadaita station of Odakyu line   

Near the areas where people would like to live such as Shimo-Kitazawa or Yoyogi-Uehara, a new fashionable house for women just opened.

As there are no high buildings around the house, we have lots of sunlight coming into the room on the top of the house. On the roof top terrace which is built with an open concept, there are hammocks. 

This is conveniently located as it takes only 12 minutes directly to Shinjuku Station from "Setagaya Daita" station on Odakyu line which is 4 minutes walk from the house. There are supermarkets and a shopping arcade near by. 

"Setagayadaita Terrace" is not only about the location. We have a large living-dining room which is designed for everyone to relax together and the each room is equipped with storage and has enough light also the wash room has enough space for everyone. Our room is very comfortably designed. 

This time we are looking for the initial members. We'd like to create a great and comfortable place "Setagayadaita terrace" with tenants. Would you like to join us? If so, please feel free to ask for detail. Thank you.

Common Space





1             Bath Room     1
            Kitchen     1
            Toilet     1
            Fridge     1
            Washing(Free)     1
            LAN                 Bicycle Space    



Move-in Condition & Managing Style

          Female only      
          Foreigner     Passport

Manager (visits)   1 per week

          Cleaning     Manager              1 per week

No smoking


Residents take turns with trash




(10,000JPY Non-refundable)