Kouenji North


【Map】  Nagano-ku, Tokyo

【Access】6 min walk from Nogata station of the Seibu Shinjuku line

               16 min walk from Kouenji station of the JR Chuo line

From the popular Kouenji station of the JR Chuo line to Shinjuku takes 2 stations and 7 minutes train time, and also to Tokyo station without transfer. From Nogata station of the Seibu Shinjuku line to Takatanobaba station takes 11 minutes. It's in a convenient area. 

Kouenji is a fashion area without many people know about it. There are many restaurants so it fits woman who live alone outside. Around the Nogata station, there is a shopping street which could let you feel the old atmosphere. You could enjoy the different types of the street. 

Of course, "Kouenji North" is not only the good location. It has beenreformed recently, and enhances the facilities in daily life like the kitchen and bathroom, etc. The entrance also sets the digital auto-lock. It's a female only sharehouse which notices the security. 

This time we are soliciting the first members. The tenants and we are going to make the "Kouenji North" where you can live comfortably and satisfied. Why don't you start a new life with those who come as a new comer? If you are interested in us, please do not hesitate to inquire us.

Common Space





1             Bath Room     1
            Kitchen     1
            Toilet     1
            Fridge     1
            Washing(Free)     1
            LAN                 Bicycle Space    



Move-in Condition & Managing Style

          Female only      
          Foreigner     Passport

Manager (visits)   1 per week

          Cleaning     Manager              1 per week

No smoking


Residents take turns with trash




(10,000JPY Non-refundable)