Kitasenju Terrace

【Map】Adachi-ku, Tokyo


【Access】12 min walk from Kitasenju station

                      of the JR Joban line, the Chiyoda line, the Hibiya line,

                      the Hanzomon line, the Tobu Isesaki line,

                      and the Tsukuba express line  

The Kitasenju station becomes more convenient because the Ueno-Tokyo line has opened. You could go to Tokyo, Shinbashi, Roppongi, Akasaka, Omotesando, Ebisu, Shibuya, Ueno, and Akihabara without transfer. 

At the nearest station, the Kitasenju station, there are Rumine , Marui department store, and Tokyu Hands. Also there is a big shopping street. You could feel comfortable just by walking. There is Lawson in the 1F of the building. It is convenient if you would like to buy something on your way home. It is really a good place for woman to live.

When you enter into the Kitasenju Terrace, you could see the roof-balcony which we are proud of. You could see the river of Arakawa with a opened scene, and feel the breeze to forget you are just in the city center. The windows in the house face south, west, east, so there are good daylighting in the house. We use the pink wallpaper in the living room to fit the atmosphere. 

The clean and spacious bath room, washing room and kitchen. They all enhance the design of daily life. The building also notice the security by using the password automatic lock. We use the experience of manage 50 female shareshouse in Tokyo, and hope to let you feel comfortable there. 

This time we are gathering the initial member. We work to create a comfortable and fulfilling environment here at 「Kitasenju Terrace」. Do you want to live here with someone who starts the new life at the same time? If you’re looking for to relax in a great women’s share house, be sure to send us an inquiry.

Common Space





1             Bath Room     1
            Kitchen     1
            Toilet     1
            Fridge     2
            Washing(Free)     1
            LAN                 Bicycle Space    



Move-in Condition & Managing Style

          Female only      
          Foreigner     Passport

Manager (visits)   1 per week

          Cleaning     Manager              1 per week

No smoking


Residents take turns with trash




(10,000JPY Non-refundable)