Echelle Jiyugaoka

【Map】Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


【Access】2 min walk from the Jiyugaoka station of the Tokyu Toyoko line

This is a high-grade and new share house which is popular and 2 min walk from Tokyu Toyoko lineˊs Jiyugaoka station. There are many cafe shops, interior shops, clothes and goods shops. The new women-only sharehouse was born in where you could call it the middle of the fashionable area. 

「Echelle Jiyugaoka」is not only the good location, but also public space and facilities suitable for adult women. There is good sun light in the living and dining room. There are also the soft sofa and large dining table. You can walk through living room  directly to the rooftop wooden deck terrace in winter.

We designed the easy-to-use flow line in the kitchen and bathroom. Of course, such as individual mailbox or TV monitor with intercom, that is our emphasized.

Rooms are clean and beautiful.You can feel widely in the rooms. All of the rooms have closet. Do you want to live the centeral of Jiyugaoka ?

This time we are gathering the initial member. We work to create a comfortable and fulfilling environment here. Do you want to live here with someone who starts the new life at the same time? 

If you’re looking for to relax in a great women’s share house, be sure to send us an inquiry.

Common Space





1             Bath Room     2
            Kitchen     1
            Toilet     2
            Fridge     1
            Washing(Free)     2
            LAN                 Bicycle Space    



Move-in Condition & Managing Style

          Female only      
          Foreigner     Passport

Manager (visits)   1 per week

          Cleaning     Manager              1 per week

No smoking


Residents take turns with trash




(10,000JPY Non-refundable)