Choufu Fine  

【Map】Choufu-shi, Tokyo


【Access】5 min walk from the Tobitakyu station of the Keio line

When you enter the entrance, you can see the Japanese style space. The dining room and kitchen are on the opposite side, and it's a western style which is convenient. The kitchen's cooking space is spacious enough for cooker. This is the sharehouse combine the advantage of Japanese and western.

There are some rooms with own entrance from outside, which is no need to pass the corridor. And one room has two spaces, which has a traditional tea room. There are some with many storage, etc., many options.

From the nearest station, the Tobitakyu station of the Keio line, takes only 5 minutes to walk with a flat road. If you are always in a hurry in the morning, it no need to worried about the time. The Ajinomoto Stadium has the team, FC Tokyo. You could go to the stadium to support them with only 5 minutes from this sharehouse. 

This time we are gathering the initial member. We work to create a comfortable and fulfilling environment here at 「Choufu Fine」. Do you want to live here with someone who starts the new life at the same time? If you’re looking for to relax in a great women’s share house, be sure to send us an inquiry.

Common Space





1             Bath Room     1
            Toilet     1
            Bicycle Space
            Washing(Free)     1



Move-in Condition & Managing Style

          Female only      
          Foreigner     Passport

Manager (visits)   1 per week

          Cleaning     Manager              1 per week

No smoking


Residents take turns with trash




(10,000JPY Non-refundable)