1. Request for visiting

Please contact us by inquiry form and let us know
when you want to visit, from when you want to start to live and so on.

We will get back to you.

* If the room you want is occupied by the existent tenant, we’ll show you only common areas.

* Basically we would like you to visit a house directly in order to understand its atmosphere and rules.

2. Visiting and Occupancy review

We arrange to meet you at the nearest station to the house which you visit.

We will take you to the house, show you around it and explain to you about equipments, rules and so on.

On this occasion please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

3. Procedure of signing a contract

To sign a contract, please have the following things.

① Japanese: Photo identification like driver’s license

   Non-Japanese: Passport

② Seal (not required for non-Japanese)

③ Initial cost (only cash) 

     ・Deposit (partially refundable)

     ・First month’s rent and utility fee

     ・Fire insurance premium

* The initial cost is supposed to be paid by cash.
    Please ask us the amount because it depends on houses and rooms.

4. Move-in

We will provide you a room key on your occupancy date.